Cheerful Giving

How many of you know what I mean when I say “AWANA Bucks”?

When Marilyn & I were in NC caring for our grandchildren, I went to the kids AWANA group. Their church is in a series of messages and activities called “Multiply”. At AWANA they encouraged the children to participate in “Multiply” by giving some of their AWANA Bucks to help a new church plant in Orlando. On the way home, I heard these three responses from our grandchildren:

  • I have over 500 AWANA Bucks and I have been saving all of them for a certain…
  • I have 200 AWANA Bucks and I am going to give all of them to this new church.
  • How are they going to start a new church with AWANA Bucks – they aren’t real.

These are all emotions we experience when we start talking about cheerful giving.

Today in the Believe series, we are looking at giving our resources. How cheerful are you when God asks you to give cheerfully?