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And You Shall Call His Name

Sermon from January 19, 2020 The main text from the sermon this week is Matthew 1:21. Pastor Justin looks at the origins of the name Jesus.

Jesus Being the Absolute Best

Sermon from January 12, 2020 Phil Shively fills in this week. He takes a look at the book of Hebrews and our moral reaction to Jesus.


Year in Review

Sermon from December 29, 2019 Pastor Justin takes a look back and gives a preview of where we are going in 2020.

Christmas Eve Service

Sermon from December 24, 2019 Pastor Justin gives a brief message about the coming of the Light of the world, Jesus.

Feast of Dedication

Sermon from December 22, 2019 Feast of Dedication, Festival of Lights, or Hanukkah. This Jewish celebration goes by several names. Pastor Justin covers some of the history of this celebration and what it should mean to us today.

Which Path Will You Take?

Sermon from December 8, 2019 The sermon this week is from Psalm 1 and looks at the two paths that we can take. Greg filled in today and looks at what it means to be blessed as compared to what it means to be ungodly. You can choose to be blessed or ungodly and the results of that decision are very different.