Sermon Library

Tongue Tied

Sermon from July 15, 2018 The sermon this week is titled, “Tongue Tied,” and comes from James 3:1-12. Pastor Tim will talk about a warning to teachers, taming the tongue and contradicting language. He also discusses being either waffle or spaghetti brained. Tune in to find out more!

Pro Mercy

Sermon from July 8, 2018 Pastor Tim’s sermon, “Pro Mercy,” comes from James 2:20-26. Pastor Tim will have some great questions and answers, as well as talk about Abraham and Rahab, along with faith and works and how they relate to the Christian life.

A Revealing Faith

Sermon from July 1, 2018 The sermon this week, “A Revealing Faith,” comes from James 2:14-19. Pastor Tim will talk about the evidence of a living faith, faith in action and being identified by our deeds.

Your Mercy, Your Judgement

Sermon from June 24, 2018 The sermon this week, “Your Mercy, Your Judgement,” comes from James 2:8-13. Pastor Tim will talk about the Royal Law, breaking the Royal Law and a law that brings freedom.

Financed by Faithfulness

Sermon from June 17, 2018 Pastor Tim’s sermon, “Financed by Faithfulness,” comes from James 2:1-7.This week, the topics of favoritism, discrimination and faithfulness are covered. It's sure to make you think about how you look at those around you.

The Desired Life

Sermon from June 10, 2018 Dave Hughes filled in this week and taught from James 1:19-27.Dave discusses how to be quick and slow at the same time and the difference between hearing and listening.

The Temptation Tour Guide

Sermon from June 3, 2018 This week’s sermon, “The Temptation Tour Guide,” is from James 1:13-18. Do you know what, or who, is the cause of evil in the world? Do you often persevere in faith? Or do you persevere in your own self efforts? Pastor Tim tackles this interesting topic in this sermon from the book of James.

Pride and Humiliation

Sermon from May 27, 2018 Pastor Tim’s sermon, “Pride and Humiliation,” is the second sermon from the book of James. The scripture for this sermon comes from James 1:9-12. He'll talk about trials of the poor, trials of the rich and a new beatitude.

Dear Mountain View

Sermon from May 20, 2018 This week is the beginning of a series in the book of James. “Dear Mountain View” comes from James 1:1-8. Pastor Tim will talk about the Path, the Destination and the Advantage. Have you been through trials of many kinds lately? How have you responded?

Call and Response

Sermon from May 13, 2018 Pastor Tim’s final sermon in Acts, “Call and Response,” comes from Acts 28:17-31. This week, we'll look at the words of Paul when calling to Rome, the words of Isaiah and the words of Jesus. We'll also learn about who and what is worth paying attention to! We apologize for the technical difficulties in the recording this week.

Hospitality in the Storm

Sermon from May 6, 2018 The sermon this week, “Hospitality in the Storm,” comes from Acts 28:1-16. This week Paul gets shipwrecked on the island of Malta! Pastor Tim covers examples of hospitality given, hospitality returned and the spread of hospitality. Are you better at giving or receiving hospitality?

Shipwreck Casserole

Sermon from April 29, 2018 Pastor Tim’s oddly titled sermon, “Shipwreck Casserole,” comes from Acts 27. This sermon covers the attempt to transport Paul to Rome and how he was the voice of reason, the voice of faith and the voice of encouragement. Couldn't we all stand to learn something and listen to the voice of reason, faith and encouragement during rough times, but also in the good times?

Get A Grip

Sermon from April 22, 2018 Pastor Tim’s sermon, “Get A Grip,” comes from Acts 25:23-26, 32. Paul is still on trial and defending his way of life. Do you think you could outwit, outplay, outlast and survive trials like the ones Paul had to endure? Listen to this week's sermon and hear what happens!

A Life of Faith and Consequences

Sermon from April 15, 2018 This week’s sermon is titled, “Paul: A Life of Faith and Consequences,” and comes from Acts 25:1-21. Pastor Tim details how Paul's life was threatened and the charges brought against him. Pastor also discusses the attitudes of the rulers that were going to hear Paul's case.

Paul’s Trial Before Felix

Sermon from April 8, 2018 Pastor Tim’s sermon, “Paul’s Trial Before Felix,” comes from Acts 24. He discusses Paul’s trial from the perspectives of the prosecution and the defense. There is sort of a verdict in the trial and that is also covered. Tim also talks about our purpose and the examples that we can learn from.