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Itching Ears

Sermon from August 18, 2019 Pastor Justin's sermon comes from 2 Timothy 4:3-4. Paul was warning Timothy about people not wanting sound doctrine. As believers, we need to be sure that the teaching we hear is the truth from God's word. Seek sound doctrine, not just words that are sweet to hear.

The Blame Game

Sermon from August 11, 2019 Chaplain Lynn Wilson fills in again. This week he covers blame and it's origins in Eden. We know that Adam and Eve got the blame game started and we still play it today. But, we shouldn't be like them.

America's Forgotten History

Sermon from August 4, 2019 Chaplain Lynn Wilson fills in today and gives a powerful reminder of America's history. God and His greatness was at the center of many founding documents throughout our history. Chaplain Wilson also talks about ungrateful Americans.


Lord, Teach Us To Pray

Sermon from December 30, 2018 Pastor David’s sermon, “Lord, Teach Us To Pray,” is the first in a series on prayer. He discusses Jesus' response to a question from the disciple and then explains several ways we are not to pray.

Light in the Darkness

Sermon from December 23, 2018 “Light in the Darkness” is the fourth advent service from Pastor David. This week's sermon comes from John 1:1-18. Jesus is the light in the darkness. Are you?

Faithful Witnesses

Sermon from December 16, 2018 Pastor David’s sermon, “Faithful Witnesses,” comes from Luke chapters 1 and 2. This is the third sermon in the current Advent series. Learn about the people surrounding the birth of Jesus that were faithful witnesses to that event. There were a few audio difficulties in the recording of this sermon, which we apologize for.

God's Eternal Plan

Sermon from December 9, 2018 “God's Eternal Plan,” is the title of Pastor David's sermon from Mark 1:1. Pastor David has done the seemingly impossible and found the Christmas story in Mark! All jokes aside, this is part two in his Advent series. A great sermon from the first verse of Mark.

That it Might be Fulfilled

Sermon from December 2, 2018 Pastor David’s sermon, “That it Might be Fulfilled,” comes from Matthew 1:22. He discusses Matthew's record of the genealogy of Jesus along with the many ways and people that God uses to fulfill His wishes for mankind.